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Unfortunately I havent managed to find the movie anywhere yet, I asked from the libary but they had lost it somewhere..


Atticus shooting the sick dog^


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Now I have read the whole book and I liked it. The end of the book was unexpected and suprising!



Atticus and Tom Robinson in the court house

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The book has been okey this far. I have almost read it, only 2 chapters left!



Atticus and Scout^

Im looking forward to watch the movie

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The book has been intresting so far. There are a lot of difficult words and sometimes its difficult to follow the plot.


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This blogg is going to be about the book we are reading on our  English lessons. “To kill a mockingbird” is

an well known novel and im looking forward to read it.




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  • Mockingbird February 5, 2013
    Today in surfed the internet in search for some information about Mockingbird. I found WAAAY more than i had expected! I think it’s good that there is so much information online, so if you need some specific type of information you can easily find it on the internet! Advertisements
  • The movie February 4, 2013
    During the weekend I’ve watched the movie based on the book. I think the movie captured the feeling of the book quite well!
  • About blogging January 23, 2013
    When we now are getting towards the end of the course I thought I’d tell about how it was to have a blog about the book during this course. At first I thought that it would be fun, but 7weeks is not enough time, nobody really got the hang of the whole ”blogging thing”, but […]
  • Different January 22, 2013
    I enjoyed reading the book, from the second half the book also got more exiting!
  • Mockingbird January 16, 2013
    My first impression of the book was that it’s a very thick book, and the fact that the pages are grey is quite off-putting. But once you start reading the book you notice how good the author has captivated a very special feeling in the way she writes and brings forth the main characters. I’ve […]